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Como faço para começar a traduzir?

To start translating, make sure you have integrated Localizer with your website and that each page on your site that you would like to translate has been visited at least once. The Localizer platform needs this in order to analyze the content on the page and detect phrases for translation. Once this has been completed, follow the steps below:


Passo 1. 

Log into your Localizer account and navigate to the Batch Translator tab, then click Add Language.


Passo 2. 

Select the language you would like to translate to.*

Você também pode personalizar seu site para o idioma selecionado, ajustando para SEO e regras de tradução personalizadas (clique aqui para mais informações). No entanto, se você está interessado apenas na tradução por enquanto, pode seguir em frente e clicar no botão "Salvar".

*We recommend using the "Draft" option when adding a new language.


Passo 3. 

Ensure each page on your site you would like to translate has been visited at least once, so Localizer can analyze your content and detect phrases for translation. You can do this by visiting the website yourself, either using Visual Translator in browse mode or simply opening your website in another window. 

Once completed, phrases will appear in the Untranslated Phrases section of the drop-down menu.


Passo 4. 

Select the phrases you'd like to translate by adding filters, or ticking the Select All box if you'd like to translate in bulk. Once you've selected your phrases, you can then choose what type of translation you want to use by clicking one of the icons. Click here for more information on the types of translation available.